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April 8, 2019
Susan Bruce
Uncovering Cuba

Program: Cuba is known for its spectacular diving. While neighboring parts of the Caribbean have seen diminished fish species from overfishing and environmental degradation, Cuba’s reefs are astonishingly well preserved. Cuba is also known for its splendid retro architecture, festive cultural celebrations and its flamboyant vintage automobiles. Cuba embellishes a historically natural oasis of Caribbean diversity.

Recent government restrictions on U.S. travel to Cuba, however, have made experiencing these dazzling reefs more challenging. Come learn about Cuba and the ins and outs for Americans.

We’ll also look at the March 16 – 26, 2019, trip to Cuba to enjoy the country’s nature, arts and people. A repeat of 2018’s highly successful trip, we’ll visit several sites including the Mission Blue Hope Spot Guanahacabibes National Park – a NOAA sister marine sanctuary.

Speaker: Susan Bruce has been diving the world since her certification in 1986. She is an advisory board member of the Inland Ocean Coalition and worked at Conservation International. As owner of Susan Bruce Travel, Susan curates and leads the Coalition’s Land-to-Sea Travel Program and the Cuba trip.