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May 13, 2019

Speaker: Sorin is an astrophotographer, author, blogger (, astronomical artist, and the owner of Mile High Astronomy, Colorado’s only dedicated telescope store. Mile High Astronomy is an outgrowth of Sorin's years of volunteering and public outreach to engage and inspire more people of all ages in the wonders of the night sky. He has presented on astronomy and astrophotography to groups as large as 400, and teaches astrophotography classes at Mile High Astronomy’s Lakewood store.

Program: Photographing The Night Sky - Astrophotography was once the domain of serious researchers and committed hobbyists. Today, modern DSLR cameras and new camera tracker mounts have opened night sky photography, even for deep space objects, to everyone. We will discuss how to use your existing cameras and lenses to image the night sky, from star trail photos to milky way and deep sky imaging. We will also cover some unique considerations with night sky photography and image processing.