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In this presentation, Joseph Roybal will discuss the importance of “feeling" rather than just “seeing” your scene and how this lends itself to strong final images. He will also discuss balance within the frame and how to better achieve this, his mental workflow in the field, important compositional elements within the frame and eye movement highlighting how to integrate all of these into your workflow to get your strongest images possible. Joseph believes only through analyzing not only our own work but the work of other’s whom inspire to be one of our strongest assets to photographic growth and achievement within the craft.

Joseph Roybal is a professional fine art landscape photographer based in Denver, Colorado. His passion for photography stems simply from his love of the outdoors. Joseph feels most at home when he is amongst snow-capped peaks, along rocky coastlines, or surrounded by fields of wildflowers. Joseph specializes in creating compelling imagery that allows his viewers to feel as if they are amid the scene, witnessing it firsthand.

Joseph uses the tagline, Explore.Learn.Share. The derivation of this moto stems from Joseph’s ability to combine his personal experiences in the field with his developing knowledge of the art, to educate others who share a passion for photography. He uses different teaching tools, such as presentations, private 1:1 photo tours, group photo tours, and personalized post-processing techniques to aid in the growth of individuals looking to enhance their work.

Joseph is a strong advocate in conservationism and believes that it is paramount in his photographic endeavors. His imagery is presented in a way that speaks to the importance of protecting natural habitats and his beliefs around the matter are observed by his involvement in organizations such as Rocky Mountain Climate Organization and Protect Our Winters (POW). While working in the field or while giving presentations, Joseph enjoys sharing the benefits and methods in which others can play a role in protecting our environment.

Joseph hopes that his passion for photography and nature will have a positive impact on those who share this common interests. He encourages others to step foot into our treasured and diverse landscapes, to gather experiences and knowledge along the way, and to teach others of our findings. To Explore.Learn.Share.

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