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December 14, 2020
Member Images

Speakers: Members

Program: Members will show up to three of their most interesting, best, worst, funniest, or most memorable photos or videos of the year. Each contributor will spend a minute or so describing the circumstances around the making of each image.

Members who would like to submit images but prefer not to speak should submit a paragraph along with each image. If they do, Bob Dean will be    happy to tell their story (anonymously if preferred).

  • Deadline for submission will be November 30th.
  • To elimate any confusion with critique or theme images emails should have the subject line "December Program."
  • A reminder will be sent in mid-November, but images can be submitted any time prior to the deadline.
  • Follow normal size and caption “guidelines” meaning jpeg, less than a Megabyte, member's name in the file name, etc. Videos can be just about any size that can be emailed or shared via Dropbox.
  • If we have sufficient entries to fill the full meeting time we’ll dispense with the critique and theme. If not, the theme will be: Pseudo Animals –Inanimate things that look like animals. The December newsletter will come out in late November and publish a decision about whether or not we will have a critique and theme.