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December 13, 2021
Member Images

Speakers: Members

Program: Members will show up to eight of their most interesting, best, worst, funniest, or most memorable photos or videos of the year. Each contributor will spend a minute or so describing the circumstances around the making of each image.

Submission Details: Submit images as you usually would for Theme or Critique, but use "December" in as the subject of your email. If the order of your images is important, use file names that sort in the order that you would like to present the images. For example, if you have a sequence of storm photos that start with wind followed by rain and flood, you might give them names like YourName_1_Wind.jpg, YourName_2_Rain.jpg and YourName_3_Flood.jpg.

Members who would like to submit images but prefer not to speak should submit a paragraph along with each image. If they do, Bob Dean will be    happy to tell their story (anonymously if preferred).