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April 11, 2022
Zoo, Aquarium and Aviary Photography

Speaker: Bob Dean from Colorado Urban Wildlife Photo Club and Views of Nature Photography.

Program: In most major cities there are places where animals abound, and we can photograph them any time of the year. Zoos, aquariums, wildlife sanctuaries and aviaries offer the photographer a variety of subjects but with caveats. These venues have, in the past, been focused on providing visitors the chance to see creatures normally seen only in exotic and difficult to reach places. Thankfully, their mission has changed and most of them are now working to ensure species survival and use their animals as ambassadors to teach as well as entertain. Enclosures have evolved from concrete cages to more animal friendly habitats. Photography in these places is rewarding but still comes with many challenges. This program will provide insight into the techniques to deal with backgrounds, barriers and other distractions and still come away with great images. We’ll also discuss ethical concerns with various venues.