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October 10, 2022
The Galapagos

Speaker: Bob Dean from Colorado Urban Wildlife Photo Club and Views of Nature Photography.

Program: The Galapagos islands and the surrounding ocean are a stunning wildlife sanctuary. 97% of this vast area is a national park administered by the government of Ecuador as a permanent sanctuary for the many species of flora and fauna found here. Many of these are unique to the Galapagos while others visit this area on their migrations. Although the animals are varied, they share one trait: they are very tolerant of human presence. This affords visitors the opportunity to be close and observe natural behavior. Although most people do think of the wildlife when they hear Galapagos, the human history and culture up to the present day are an important part of the area that we present as well. Our program tours the islands, with superb images of the animals and plant life, we also give our audience a view of the present human population centers as well as an introduction to the geology and the human history of the archipelago. Additionally, tours to Ecuador and the Galapagos, post COVID, are facing new and changing restrictions. We'll summarize those as they are currently in place.