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Monday, June 12, 2023
Bird Street Photography

Speaker: Paul Malinowski of Littleton, Colorado.

Program: Paul will present on “Bird Street Photography”, a concept he has explored the last few years that focuses on birds in action, often in unique ways. His bird street photography is done almost exclusively locally and requires no exotic locations.

In addition to sharing his photographs, he will talk about the five key “ingredients” to successful bird street photography, technical hints for perfectly focused photographs, and some incredible “behind the shots” stories. As a bonus, Paul will show some other wildlife images he has taken while photographing birds.

Paul's photographs have been selected in over 80 juried competition art shows from San Francisco to New York, Chicago to Houston, Oregon to the Carolinas and, of course, his home state of Colorado.

Paul maintains two websites: and He can be found on Instagram @paulmalinowskiphotography.